Autumn is here. Leaves are falling, evenings are getting longer,...
Soon, Mother Nature will give us plenty of extra hours to sit inside
by the fireplace or radiator. In order to allow you to spend those hours
with lots of new music, we're launching our grab bags.
These allow you to expand your collection considerably at a very nice price.
Each bag holds 25 CDs, and just so you don't have to purchase at total luck,
hoping there will be something to your taste, we've prepared bags
in different genres (those with a number mean there are different bags
available, each of them with a different content):


Alternative/industrial/modern metal
Avantgarde metal
Black metal 1
Black metal 2
Black metal 3
Black metal 4
Black metal 5
Black metal 6
Dark metal
Death metal 1
Death metal 2
Death metal 3
Death metal 4
Death metal 5
Melodic death metal
Technical death metal
Doom 1
Doom 2
Doom 3
Gothic/female vocals 1
Gothic/female vocals 2
Gothic/female vocals 3


Hardrock 1
Hardrock 2
Hardrock 3
Heavy metal 1
Heavy metal 2
Heavy metal 3
Heavy metal 4
Heavy metal 5
Heavy metal 6
Power/epic metal 1
Power/epic metal 2
Power/epic metal 3
Progressive/symfo metal
Thrash metal 1
Thrash metal 2
Thrash metal 3
Thrash metal 4
Thrash metal 5
Viking/folk/pagan 1
Viking/folk/pagan 2
Viking/folk/pagan 3
Viking/folk/pagan 4
Viking/folk/pagan 5




That's no less than 50 different bags!
All of them hold new CDs, so no second hand or worn out items!
Again, if you were to order "Heavy metal 1" and "Heavy metal 2" for example, you'll get 50 different CDs.
In this example, that means you could buy those 6 available bags and you'll receive 150 different CDs!

Prices are as follows:
1 bag (25 CDs): 50 Euro (2 Euro per CD)
3 bags (75 CDs): 130 Euro (1,73 per CD)
5 bags (125 CDs): 200 Euro (1,60 per CD)
10 bags (250 CDs): 375 Euro (1,5 per CD)
20 bags (500 CDs): 500 Euro (1 per CD)
each extra bag with 25 CDs: add 25 Euro

This illustrates just how interesting this deal REALLY is!

Shipping costs are 5 Euro, no matter the number of bags you order!
Attention: this ONLY goes for shipping to an address in BELGIUM!
Should you like us to ship abroad, let us know and we'll give you the best possible shipping rate.
If you prefer picking your order up at one of our shops, let us know
and we'll set a place and date.
Needless to say CDs from these bags cannot be exchanged for other titles.

Mail your choice to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get back to you with payment details.
For the record, you can also order 7 bags for example; you're not necessarily limited to the numbers above.
We will then let you know the total amount your order adds up to.

Now go crazy! As you can see, we already set the tone!